Kneron releases its first automotive-grade chip for ADAS and AV systems

Kneron releases

Kneron has launched its first automotive-grade chip — fueled by funds from Foxconn, Alibaba, Sequoia, Horizons Ventures, and Qualcomm — that it says could revolutionize the path to vehicle autonomy.

The chip industry has been dominated by legacy and tech companies like Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. Kneron – which has raised over $100 million to date – has quickly emerged as a startup that deserves attention. Its chips are already being used by Otus, which supplies aftermarket advanced driver assistance systems to Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi. With the new chip, the Kneron KL530, the startup is looking to take a greater share of the automotive market.

The Kneron KL530 has two major innovations, according to CEO Albert Liu: it supports Vision Transformers (ViT), as opposed to traditional Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN); and it has a 4-bit data processor. Together, he says this results in more accurate image detection and decreased processing time.

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