Google’s rumored Pixel Fold may trade cutting-edge tech for affordability

New details emerge about older camera tech and 2022 release

Hot on the heels of the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, new findings around Google's rumored folding phone (the Pixel Fold) have surfaced, hinting that the upcoming device won't get one of the standout upgrades from the latest range.

The Pixel Fold will be getting the same 12.2MP primary camera the tech giant has used since its Pixel 3 handset from 2018, according to information from the code of the Google Camera app dug up by 9to5Google.

This means it'll miss out on the 50MP primary snapper of the Pixel 6 series – one of the standout upgrades in this year's lineup of Google flagships. 

But if these findings are to be believed, the Pixel Fold will still get the 12MP ultrawide camera (from the Pixel 6) alongside the older 12.2MP primary sensor, as well as a pair of 8MP selfie cameras – one for when the Pixel Fold is open, and the other when it's folded.

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